Emmie Capeloto is the biggest helper there is. She is always willing to take a friend's hand in line or put something away for a teacher. Emmie is an incredible role model to her peers and a ray of sunshine for her teachers.

- April Student of the Month


Olivia Snoderly's warm and friendly demeanor creates a welcoming environment in the classroom for her peers. Beyond her academics, Olivia is a shining example of kindness and empathy.

- February Student of the Month


Millie Silliman's positive and inquisitive character allows her to show her friends how to adapt and thrive at school. Millie welcomes all new students with kindness. Her genuine joy in exploring the wonders of the world creates a vibrant atmosphere in the classroom.

- December Student of the Month

Jett November student of the month

Jett Morales lends a hand and going above and beyond to make a positive impact on peers and teachers alike. His kindness knows no bounds, and his willingness to support his fellow students, whether academically or emotionally, is a testament to their outstanding character.

- November Student of the Month


Kennedy Curtis is always so willing to help teachers and friends alike. If a friend gets hurt, Kennedy is the first one to check on them and get them what they need. She is so inquisitive and always asking questions to learn more about her surroundings and peers.

- October Student of the Month