Aileen Castillo is the poster child for why Wisdom Ridge Academy exists. Aileen had 12.5 credits after completing her junior year of high school. An incoming senior should have 18 credits to be on track to graduate with her cohort classmates.

- March Student of the Month


8th grader Jonathan Kline's written work is thoughtful, engaging, funny, and very persuasive. His math work is astounding and he is so much fun to be around. Jonathan is a key player at Wisdom Ridge.

- February Student of the Month


Robert Fulfer, Senior, embodies integrity and character in every facet of his academic journey. His writing is a testament to his intellectual curiosity and demonstrates a level of insight that is beyond his years.

- December Student of the Month

Kaiden November Student of the Month

5th grader Kaiden Maeda is completely on top of his academics and makes every deadline. He enjoys being able to go at his own pace, finish his daily coursework, and then focus on other activities that he enjoys.

- November Student of the Month


8th grader Ula-Keeler is a bright and shining star at Wisdom Ridge. She attends in person sessions whenever she can, bringing humor, friendship, and immense creativity. She is always on top of her work and reaches out proactively with her questions.

- October Student of the Month