Brooklyn Caldwell approaches every task with determination and diligence. Known for her resilient and strong work ethic, Brooklyn tackles challenges head-on and never gives up. Her kindness and compassion shine through daily.

- March Student of the Month


1st Grader Rex Manning consistently demonstrates a growth mindset and challenges himself to reach new heights. He approaches his work with his best effort, always giving it his all. Rex is not only a great classroom leader but also a helpful classmate.

- February Student of the Month


Michelle's Lindbo's greatest strength is her ability to build strong relationships and connections with students. Her passion for meeting students where they are and helping them grow from that point highlights a student-centered approach, showing that she values each individual's journey and development.

- February District Staff of the Month


3rd grader, Jasper Cole is a great role model for his classmates and always has a positive attitude, both during academic and social aspects of his school day. His significant growth this year that has impressed his entire support team.

- December Student of the Month

Novella November student of the month

When things get tough, Novella Francisco in 2nd Grade, shows resilience and maintains a positive attitude toward learning. Novella takes pride in her work and strives to always do her personal best.

- November Student of the Month

Mae Benedick

4th grader, Mae Benedick always strives to give 100% in all the work she does, is never afraid to ask questions, and will always lend a hand to others. She has an infectious smile and generously shares compliments with peers and adults alike.

- October Student of the Month