Emmie is the biggest helper there is. She is always willing to take a friend's hand in line or put something away for a teacher. Emmie is an incredible role model to her peers and a ray of sunshine for her teachers.

- Emmie Capeloto, Pre K Early Learning Center


Mae impresses staff every day with her focus in class, her work ethic, her resilience when faced with a tough academic challenge and her determination to learn and do her best work. Mae conducts herself with poise and resilience no matter where she is on campus.

- Mae Jones, 4th grade South Ridge


Brooklyn approaches every task with determination and diligence. Known for her resilient and strong work ethic, Brooklyn tackles challenges head-on and never gives up. Her kindness and compassion shine through daily.

- Brooklyn Caldwell, Union Ridge


Kai is a delight to have in class. His positive attitude and willingness to get involved add so much to the culture of our class and SRIS. He is a great example of a dedicated learner.

- Kai Robinson, Sunset Ridge


Cameron is a very polite student, is always looking out for his peers and following classroom expectations. He does a great job of engaging in learning and doing his best work! All of Cameron’s teachers agree that Cameron is a pleasure to have in class.

- Cameron Branch, 7th GradeWisdom Ridge


Natalie consistently demonstrates responsibility, hard work and determination. She displays exemplary leadership skills in National Honor Society and DECA and a strong sense of school spirit and passion in ASB. As our first female baseball player she is breaking barriers!

- Natalie Evans, Junior RHS


Aileen Castillo is the poster child for why Wisdom Ridge Academy exists. Aileen had 12.5 credits after completing her junior year of high school. An incoming senior should have 18 credits to be on track to graduate with her cohort classmates.

- Aileen Castillo, Senior, Wisdom Ridge


Mrs. Allen is steadfast, supportive, loving, passionate and the ultimate teammate. She can have hard conversations in a supportive way and can turn a tough day into a bright one. She leads with both her heart and her head and View Ridge would not be the same without her.

- Donna Allen, Counselor, View Ridge