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Ms. Yee & Mrs. Tamez

6th Grade - Up to three students per class, with a pass, are welcome anytime unless the door is locked - even if the Closed sign is up!

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2024 YRCA Challenge Conquerors!

L to R: Sophia Vasquez (7th), Elizabeth Klaus (7th), Alexis Bitter (7th), Emily Wilken (8th)

Not Pictured: Isabel Ravelli (8th), Michael Walker (5th)

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Show Respect and Kindness to Staff, Other Students, and the Library Itself.

No food or drinks (including water) allowed in the library.

The library is a safe space for all. Hate speech of any kind is not allowed.

Students can check out library books, textbooks, Playaway audiobooks, and DVDs from the SRIS/VRMS Library. 

Books and other library materials are due in two weeks. The due date is stamped on the checkout slip inside the cover. Regular due dates do not apply to textbooks--students can keep those at home as long as they are returned by the end of the school year.

If books are overdue, students will be notified via their school Gmail account. There is no late fee accrual for overdue books; however, it is necessary to pay for or replace lost or damaged books.  Lost book fines may be paid in the office and.

We offer only G and PG rated DVDs, and students will need to have a parental permission slip signed to check out PG movies per district policy.

Books with more mature content are clearly marked "Young Adult" and are intended for View Ridge Middle School students. Sunset Ridge Intermediate students can check out these books only with a signed parental permission slip.



Interested in learning a language? Duolingo is an app that can be used on a Smartphone or on a regular computer screen, and tests your skills in reading, writing, and speaking. It's set up sort of like a game, and you can compete against your friends to see who earns the most points! (I'm an avid user--feel free to challenge me!) If you're an English speaker, Duolingo currently offers lessons in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Danish, Irish, and German. If you're a Spanish speaker, or a speaker of a variety of other languages, you can also use it the opposite way, and hone your skills in English. 

Young Readers Award


Are you a writer? Publish and illustrate your stories using Storybird and their large collection of pictures and templates to make your stories come alive on the screen. isn't just a dictionary, but an interactive game that tests your current vocabulary knowledge and pushes you to learn more. Using a variety of pictures and text passages, this makes learning new words fun and interactive. You can sign up for a free account and represent your school! You can also download this app to your phone. 

we need diverse books


Want to learn about the world around you? Newsela offers high quality articles about current events that are targeted to kids and teens. 

the why files science behind the news

A project of the National Institute for Science Education, this fun site gives you the science behind current events in a readable, engaging way. Classroom activities and connections to the National Science Standards are also included.

WA state data book

Published by the WA Office of Financial Management, the annual Data Book presents "a diversity of information on Washington, its people, economy, and government. The information is obtained from state and federal agencies as well as private business."  The book is now available for free in PDF format online. 




google sites

Find more great resources on the American Library Association's list of Best Websites for Teaching & Learning and Best Apps for Teaching & Learning.


Ms. Yee

Ms. Yee


Where is Ms. Yee Today?

Favorite Book: Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune

Favorite Subject in High School: English (Surprise!)

Hobbies: Reading/Writing, Gardening, Jewelry-making, Gaming (Tabletop & Video)

Has Lived In: Arkansas, California, Hawai'i, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, & Turkmenistan

Currently Lives: Vancouver, WA


Mrs. Tamez

Library Aide 

Favorite Book: September by Rosamund Pilcher

Favorite Subjects in Middle School: English and Choir

Favorite Activities in Middle School: Volleyball and Singing

Originally From: Spokane, Washington

Currently Lives: Ridgefield, Washington

RSD libraries

The Ridgefield School District libraries’ purpose is two-fold: to instill a life-long love of reading and to create a community of critical thinkers who can efficiently use, evaluate, and produce information in order to be a contributing member of society.