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Jenny Berry

Lacey Kelley


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Jenny Berry

School Counselor

Jenny Family

I have enjoyed being a school counselor for over 10 years. I thrive on doing whatever I can to help students, families and staff. I sincerely care about the well-being of the students I work with. In my off-time, I like spending time with my husband and two sons. I recharge by getting out of the house and being around people.

Lacey Kelley

School Counselor


I am from Kelso, Washington and am excited to be closer to home. For fun I like to plan events, snuggle my three cats, spend time with my family, practicing kick boxing, and traveling. I love Marvel, Netflix, and maps. My favorite book series is Harry Potter - feel free to stop by and tell me what house you are in!

Nicole Colpron

Connection Center Mentor

Nicole Colpron

I grew up in Vancouver, moved to Montana when I was 19 years old and moved back to Washington last August. I have a cat named Beyoncé, I used to play college softball and I’m obsessed with sharks. Video games, sports, hiking and hanging out with friends are my hobbies! I love jokes so whenever you see me, I hope you bring your best joke!

Can’t wait to connect with you guys and learn more about you!



Social Emotional Learning

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