Wisdom Ridge Academy Exterior

During the 2021-22 school year, Ridgefield School District opened Wisdom Ridge Academy, a parent-partnered online learning program that provides flexible learning options for students and families. The district’s newest school is an Alternative Learning Experience, or ALE program, that is a choice program serving students in grades K-12. 

Heading into the 2022-23 school year, Wisdom Ridge is pleased to announce that it is now able to accept students from anywhere in the state of Washington! This means that no matter where you live in WA, you can now enroll your children and take advantage of Ridgefield Schools’ premier learning opportunities.

“We are proud to offer students and families flexible learning opportunities to meet their individual needs,” said Allen Andringa, Director of Alternative Learning Experiences (ALE) and Business Partnerships at Wisdom Ridge. “At Wisdom Ridge, students can learn in a format and pace that best suits their needs, all while still having access to certified teachers for expert guidance and support.”

Andringa spent the previous nine years as an assistant principal at Ridgefield High School and has over 36 years of experience as an educator. He is taking over for the program for Jessica Drake, who accepted a position in a neighboring school district. 

Students are able to partially enroll with WRA and a number of other programs. For example, students can enroll at Wisdom Ridge while also participating in programs like Running Start, Cascadia Tech Academy, Ridgefield High School, and View Ridge Middle School (with principal approval) for specialized classes like band, drama, and extracurricular activities such as athletics. 

Wisdom Ridge is a state-approved school that meets the same academic standards and graduation requirements as in-person learning. WRA uses online learning platforms to allow students and families to access their work on their own schedule. Online learning platforms include Accelerate Ed (for grades K-12) and eDynamics (for secondary level electives). Our goal is to work with families and develop an individualized and supportive learning opportunity for each of our students. 

In addition to the online learning, WRA offers in-person sessions with certified teachers. These 1.5 hour ”enrichment sessions” allow for student interaction and social emotional learning support. We use this time to focus on student-driven, project-based learning that allows for hands-on activities and enhancement of the online curriculum.  

Students access their online curriculum often and engage in lessons in order to show academic standards are being met. Families provide support, guidance, and depth of knowledge while they work together with their student(s) through the individual units and assignments. Each student has an at-home "learning coach" who offers guidance and assistance while the student is engaged in learning activities. Typically, these learning coaches are parents or other trusted adults.

Wisdom Ridge Academy is designed to be completed by the student and their learning coach with the support of the classroom teacher. Teachers are available daily for additional help if and when things become challenging. Work is submitted through the online platform and then graded by our Wisdom Ridge staff for accuracy and completion. If there are questions or the learning is not mastered, teachers will connect with students and families to determine better options for support.

All instructional materials are provided by WRA either through the online platform, or as supporting materials from the school. Each family does need a suitable internet connection in order to participate. Some higher level electives may require additional materials that are provided by the family.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. All current RSD students are eligible to enroll, and we are also able to accept choice transfer students from outside of our district boundaries. When you're ready to enroll, get started here: https://www.ridgefieldsd.org/o/wra/page/enrollment.