Please see the district enrollment page for more information regarding the boundary map and residency.

CURRENT RSD students who live in-district

If your student is an active Ridgefield School District student and resides within the boundaries, please complete and submit the In-District Boundary Transfer form online, and be sure to select the correct school year at the top of the form.

NEW students who live in-district

If your student is new to the district or not actively enrolled and resides within the Ridgefield School District boundaries, please click on the blue "Register Now" button below.  You will also be required to complete the In-District Boundary Transfer form.

Register now button

Students who live OUTSIDE RSD boundaries

If your family resides outside the Ridgefield School District boundaries, we are not accepting new Choice Transfer requests for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year. If you are requesting a spot in the program for the 2022-23 school year you must submit a 2022-23 Choice Transfer form with your resident district starting May 2nd and complete the 2022-23 Wisdom Ridge Academy Waitlist Survey.

WITHDRAW from Wisdom Ridge

If you are trying to withdraw your student from Wisdom Ridge Academy, please start by completing this form.

When can students enroll?

Grades K - 6

  • Continuous through the month of September

  • At the end of trimester one (Nov. 22)

  • At the end of trimester two (March 2)

 Exceptions for all grades can be made for extenuating circumstances.

Grades 7 - 12

  • Continuous through the month of September

  • At the end of quarter one (quarter two starts Nov. 4) if classes mesh.  For example, if an RHS student is taking metal shop, foods, and ceramics, and wants to transfer to WRA, those classes cannot transfer easily, so the student will need to stay in those classes until the end of the semester. If their other three classes are English, US history and Algebra II, those classes do transfer easily and can be transferred at the quarter. Students must be passing their RHS classes to earn .25 credit at RHS, and then will complete the second half of their WRA classes for a .25 credit.

  • At the end of semester one (semester two starts Jan. 30)

  • At the end of quarter three (no student enrolled after March 31–last day before spring break)


Orientations in August and September will be scheduled as often as needed. 
Beginning in October, K - 8 orientations will be scheduled Monday mornings and grades 9 - 12 will be Mondays between 1:00 and 3:00pm.

Technical Requirements

Wisdom Ridge Academy uses the following curriculum providers. For the most up to date technical requirements please click the provider specific link below.

Accelerate Education: https://accelerate.education/wp-content/uploads/2020/AE_TechnicalRequirements.pdf


Enrolled students at Wisdom Ridge Academy who do not have a device that meets the minimum requirements can request a chromebook be checked out to them from the Ridgefield School District by emailing: chromebooks@ridgefieldsd.org.